Better Farm, betterArts Participate in Organic Market's Annual Expo

This year's betterArts-Better Farm project at Mustard Seed: Paint your favorite vegetable or fruit!
Every year, Watertown's organic market Mustard Seed hosts a day-long Earth Day event featuring free samples, locally sourced foods, activities, raffles, and more—and for the last several years, they've extended an invitation to betterArts and Better Farm to participate. This year the event was held a few weeks after Earth Day in May—that's what happens when you live in the North Country and winter takes a particularly long time to heave off.

Lilli and I wanted to engage with the kids at the event, so we decided to ask them to paint their favorite vegetable or fruit; thereby drawing attention to healthy living—and pushing the little ones' artistic sides. We started out painting our own favorite produce to show the kids some ideas. 

Using mat board donated by the Whimsical Pig and acrylic paint, I made a tomato and Lilli made beet and summer squash. Kids were excited about paint their favorite vegetable like carrot, eggplant and tomato. We also talked to the parents about what Better Farm and betterArts are all about and how we are bringing art to the north country and also teaching people about organic farming. We talked to them about upcoming events like Better Festival that is June 21, and how it's kid-friendly with live music, food, games, tours of the farm, and arts 'n' crafts. 

Here are some photos of the day: