Inspiration Station: Modern Art by Preschoolers

In the spirit of Picasso—by Riley Caldwell, Age 3.
While visiting family in New Jersey over the weekend, I received an invitation from my nieces' nursery school to a modern art show the girls, ages 2 and 3, would be participating in:
The inspiring lesson plan and subsequent art show was too genius not to share. This would make a great class project at any nursery school, summer camp, or workshop.

The "gallery" was set up in the school's classroom. Artwork by famous creators was displayed alongside brief biographies and explanations of the assignments and classwork given to the students. With Pablo Picasso, kids were told about his life, then shown work by the artist. Children were then encouraged to think about their profiles. "When the older children looked at their profiles, we talked about the curve of the nose and that they could see only one eye. They then drew the line of their profile in the middle of the paper and chose two colors to paint each side of the face." Students were encouraged to glue eyes and mouths anywhere they would like on the paper.

Shameless niece promotion: Riley rocks Picasso.
Here are their interpretations of Frida Kahlo's work:

...Cy Twombly:
Niece Ella shows off her Cy Twombly-esque piece.
...and just a couple other really awesome pieces of work by pre-schoolers; circus sculptures, and spin art:

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