Reimagined Entryway

Under construction: Better Farm's entranceway is getting a facelift.
We're re-imagining Better Farm's foyer. Our goals? To make the space significantly more energy efficient, organized, and lovely. The farm's entryway has gone through a few incarnations since 2009, with this final project bringing the foyer and front hall to completion.

Our timeline so far:
  • 2009 project to clean up foyer and take a bunch of storage to the dump
  • 2010 project to rip up carpeting on stairs, organize storage, and give a fresh coat of paint
  • 2011 project to rebuild the entire staircase and railing
 Here's a list of the problems we still faced:
  • Front door leaks a lot of warm air through unsealed gaps along its bottom edge
  • Without a storm door, we can't allow for cross-ventilation in the summer or get a great seal around the doorway
  • Outdated insulation in the entranceway means lots of air leaks and energy loss of up to 15 percent in that room alone
  • Sheetrock hung decades ago on the ceiling was the wrong thickness and wasn't strapped; therefore, it's sagging
  • All tape lines on sheetrock in the front hall are visible
  • Cobbed electrical meant mismatched light switches, electrical lines outside the sheetrock, and visible covered wiring
  • The foyer's storage solutions are imperfect. Boots, sneakers, and jackets need a better landing spot.
And—my favorite part—the brainstorming process. Here are some pictures we're working with as inspiration:

Overall look:

Storage solutions:
Draft barrier:


Wallpaper for contrast wall in entranceway:

Thanks to North Country YDIY for taking on this remodeling project.
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