Better Radio Program Kicks Off

Students at Indian River High School practice uploading audio files.
Better Radio kicked off yesterday with a betterArts visit to journalism students at Indian River High School in Philadelphia, N.Y.

Those students—armed with a tapestry of interests ranging from sports to singing—will utilize technology provided by betterArts to create audio files, podcasts, and music tracks that will then be broadcast on-air, online, and via the students' school newspaper, Warrior Ink.

Zach Anderson, newspaper adviser and member of the English department at IRHS, invited board members from betterArts in to speak with his journalism students about the non-profit's New Media project.

During class, reps from betterArts introduced students to these recorders:
Sony digital voice recorder, left, and AGPtek 4GB rechargeable digital sound voice recorder.
After playing with the record, playback, stop, start, and file-browsing options, students were walked through the process of uploading sound files to their computers. Over the course of the next few weeks, the teenagers will record stories or performances of their choice; and betterArts will return to go over sound editing, podcast creation, and posting audio files on the Internet.

The content will be featured here on our blog, and on Warrior Ink—which is produced entirely online by its IRHS student reporters. Once betterArts is broadcasting live on FM radio, selections from these students' work will also be played on-air.
Warrior Ink is the official student newspaper of Indian River High School, Philadelphia New York, and has been published exclusively online since Fall 2012.  We are dedicated student journalists bringing you all the news we can, roughly twice a month.  All content featured is written and edited by IRHS students, except photos where noted. - See more at:
Students get acquainted with tiny digital voice recorders yesterday in Philadelphia, N.Y.
Scott Smith, left, and Mike Brown work with students to upload audio files.
Check out the amazing work of these students on their student newspaper website here. For more information on Better Radio and to become a partner or sponsor, visit Many thanks to Best Buy Children's Foundation for making this project possible.
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