Making Blueberry Wine

Alcohol fermenter Paul Jennings came to Better Farm this past Saturday, July 13, to teach a workshop on how to make two gallons of blueberry spice wine. It was much faster and simpler than I could have ever imagined! Anyone can do it in their own homes with the proper equipment. 

Here is the breakdown of ingredients:

4 - 6 lbs. of blueberries 4.5 lbs. sugar
1 tsp. ginger 1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. cinnamon 2 tsp. acid blend
2 tsp. yeast nutrient 1 tsp. tannin
1 tsp. pectic acid Nylon mesh bag
Montrachet yeast Stabilizer


1)   Chill 1 gallon of water. 
2)   Boil the 1 gallon of water, spices and sugar
3)   Wash berries and place them into mesh bags and place in primary fermenter. Mash      
4)   Pour boiled sugar water over berries in primary (this will set the color). Add 1 gallon
      of cool/cold water. Add tannin, acid blend, and yeast nutrient.
5)   When temperature of liquid has cooled, add the pectic enzyme and check and 
      record of the S.G.
6)   24 hours later, add yeast
7)   Stir daily
8)   When S.G. is about 1.030 (about 1 week), remove the berries and rack to 
      secondary after about 4 weeks, S.G. should be at 1.000 (this means that the 
      fermentation is complete). Rack again. Add clearing agent.
9)   Check clarity in about 1 month. If not clear at this point, wait another 2 weeks and
10)  When must is ready to bottle, add stabilizer
11)  If sweetening is needed, boil 4 - 12 oz. sugar in water and add
12)  Bottle!

NOTE: the longer the wine "ages," the better it will taste. Since this wine has no preservatives added, it should be consumed within one year.

What was really special about this wine-making workshop was that residents at Better Farm were able to go out and pick local wild blueberries growing a town over in Plessis! It was a very sustainable and educational experience that provided a unique way to utilize local agriculture.