New Gates Allow for Easy Access to the Garden

The interns (with the help of instructors) last week put in two new garden gates to make accessibility a lot simpler for unloading compost, hay, and cardboard; irrigation, and simply moving in and out. This brings our number of garden gates up to three; allowing for pedestrian access (the main, existing entrance), easy access to and from the greenhouse (a four-foot wide gate, pictured above), and truck access (a double-hinged gate eight feet wide in the garden's back corner closest to Cottage Hill Road).

Day One entailed table-sawing two-by-fours into equal pieces, drilling plywood triangles in the corners to hold them together, cutting a longer flank of wood to run diagonally, and stapling on chicken wire.

On day two, we dug up holes for the gateposts and filled them with cement we mixed in the wheelbarrow. Sweaty and tired, we called it a day and waited for the cement to dry.

The following day, we finalized the gates by attaching the gates to the posts via hinges and putting on stoppers to hold the gates shut. By then we were feeling pretty confident with the drill and Greg and Adam went off for coffee while us interns put on the final touches.