Roadside Installation: The Doors

Keep your eyes peeled as you drive by Better Farm! Artist-in-residence Mike Brown has been working on an ongoing series of paintings on doors for several years now; culminating this week in their installation throughout the property at Better Farm.

The brightly colored doors can be seen along the outskirts of the property; dotting the treeline, punctuating hillsides. Two are in so far; but there may be up to a dozen by the time the installation is complete.

The process of putting the doors out on display capitalizes on the synthesis of art and sustainability. Thee doors were upcycled and saved from a landfill or bonfire fate, having been collected from neighbors in Redwood. They're notched into stumps of standing-dead trees we harvested for fire wood at Better Farm.

I wandered outside yesterday to catch some photos of the guys doing their thing. First, they notch out the tree stump:

Then the door is fitted into the notch and stabilized:

Here's another one in a clearing out back we call "Strawberry Fields":

Stay tuned for more art installations in and around the property in 2013!