Greetings from Better Farm's New Intern

By Zoya Kaufmann
Hi everyone! I'm Zoya, Better Farm's newest sustainability intern. I originally hail from Belmont, Mass., but have been living in New York for almost two years while attending Cornell University. I'll be at Better Farm through Jan. 15, when my winter break will be ending and I'll be going back to school.

I'm a sophomore at Cornell, studying natural resources and minoring in entomology. My biggest passions are art (painting, photography, jewelry making, surprise giant emu making), music (I play the flute and love to improvise), and studying the natural world (with emphases on botany and entomology).

Outside of academics at Cornell, I organize hikes and trail-maintenance projects as president of Friends of the Gorge, learn about natural living and forest farming through the Ecovillage Youth Alliance, take massage courses, initiate spontaneous music-making, do as much art as I can (illustrating a friend's children's book about the ubiquity of life on Earth is a current project), and send out clues to my dorm-castle every Monday night regarding the location of coffee, tea, cookies, and the social gathering accompanying the victuals.

At Better Farm, I hope to learn tools for living sustainably and ways to use art to enhance human relationships with the natural world.

To learn more about Better Farm's sustainability program, click here.