Hobbit House Part II: Grounds Prep

Amazing hobbit house design by Wooden Wonders.
Back in September, a few of us took a hike on Better Farm's property to scout out a perfect location for a hobbit house. One of our favorite potential spots was this, the foundation for the farm's original, 19th-century barn:
Mike and Adam last week took a chainsaw to the sumac and other trees within the foundation, which meant today was the day to clear (read: burn) all the brush so we have a blank canvas to work with.

Here are Jackson and Aaron getting to work:

...and here's the space mostly cleared out:

For the next step, Aaron will be applying his measurements of the space to determine what we need for tires to build exterior walls, and he'll be consulting with some real-deal architects to create legitimate architectural drawings to work off of.

We're going to need to pour a concrete floor or create a stone floor. Luckily, for us, we also found a bounty of original stone used for the old barn that we'll be making our hearth with. Here's the rest of our ideas list:
  • Get a work day together two to pull useable scraps together from the property and ready them for upcycling
  • Secure a source for lime mortar to be used on our walls
  • Get dimensions together for the structure, secure enough tires to build an earthship structure
  • Secure old barn wood for the interior ceiling
  • Utilize a strong roof appropriate for dirt and foliage cover
The completed space will be the start to a wellness center situated outside of the Art Barn; with yoga studio space, a sauna, outdoor shower, and more. What better use for a hobbit home?

If you would like to volunteer on this or any other projects, contact us at (315) 482-2536 or info@betterfarm.org.
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