Cold Season Remedy: Tomato Tea

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A cold-season surge has hit the North Country. Between all the bronchitis, allergies, chest colds, and pneumonia going around, you'd be well advised to hunker down with a pile of tea, some hankies, and any meds you can get your hands on.

Talking to a neighbor the other day, I was told about Tomato Tea; a miracle tincture that supposedly gets out even the most stubborn colds and flus better than antibiotics. Key ingredient? Garlic. If you've just been hit with an autumnal illness, you'd be smart to give this simple recipe a go:

Basic Tomato Tea
Heat up a mug of tomato juice (with or without a bouillon cube) to boiling.
Add 1 fat clove of crushed garlic
Drink two a day (morning and late afternoon) for 10 days.

This concoction will supposedly start to work within three to five days. Can't stand tomato juice? Just use broth or water with bouillon in it.

Click here for more information about the wonders of garlic.

Nicole Caldwell

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