Turn Your Chicken Coop Into a Day Spa

Sage, oregano, mint, and other herbs keep chickens cozy and peaceful—and significantly less stinky.
Aromatherapy—for chickens?

Sure, it may sound strange, but fresh and dried herbs have spectacular health and well-being benefits for your backyard birds. Check out all the benefits your chickens can enjoy by you spending a few seconds to sprinkle herbs in their laying boxes:

Basil - antibacterial, mucus membrane health
Catnip - sedative, insecticide
Cilantro - antioxidant, fungicide, builds strong bones, high in Vitamin A for vision and Vitamin K for blood clotting
Dill - antioxidant, relaxant, respiratory health
Fennel -laying stimulant
Garlic - laying stimulant
Lavender - stress reliever, increases blood circulation, highly aromatic, insecticide
Lemon Balm - stress reliever, antibacterial, highly aromatic, rodent repellent
Marigold - laying stimulant
Marjoram - lay stimulant
Mint (all kinds) - insecticide and rodent repellent
Nasturtium - laying stimulant, antiseptic, antibiotic, insecticide, wormer
Oregano - combats coccidia, salmonella, infectious bronchitis, avian flu, blackhead and e-coli
Parsley - high in vitamins, aids in blood vessel development, laying stimulant
Peppermint - anti-parasitic, insecticide
Pineapple Sage - aids nervous system, highly aromatic
Rose Petals - highly aromatic, high in Vitamin C
Rosemary - pain relief, respiratory health, insecticide
Sage - antioxidant, anti-parasitic
Spearmint - antiseptic, insecticide, stimulates nerve, brain and blood functions
Tarragon - antioxidant
Thyme - respiratory health, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-parasitic

[Source: grit.com]

It took intern extraordinaire Elyna Grapstein and I about five minutes to harvest the following herbs from our beds out back and sprinkle them throughout three different chicken coops. In our mix were fresh organic basil, mint, sage, oregano, garlic chives, and various fragrant flowers.

The chickens check out the fresh herbs. 

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Nicole Caldwell

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