The Timeless Health Benefits of Baking Soda

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by Howard Jamison on December 14, 2009

I recently acquired this amazing booklet: A Friend in Need – Facts worth knowing about Arm & Hammer Baking Soda as a proven medicinal agent. (copyright 1922!!)

Here are some excerpts from the publication:
“The proven value of Arm & Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda as a therapeutic agent is further evinced by the following voluntary testimony of Edward R. Hays, M.D., in his letter to the Church & Dwight Company (Owner):

“In 1918 and 1919 while fighting the ‘Flu’ with the U. S. Public Health Service it was brought to my attention that rarely any one who had been thoroughly alkalinized with bicarbonate of soda contracted the disease, and those who did contract it, if alkalinized early, would invariably have mild attacks. I have since that time treated all cases of ‘Cold,’ Influenza and LaGrippe by first giving generous doses of Bicarbonate of Soda, and in many, many instances within 36 hours the symptoms would have entirely abated. 

Further, within my own household, before Woman’s Clubs and Parent-Teachers’ Associations, I have advocated the use of Bicarbonate of Soda as a preventive for “Colds,” with the result that now many reports are coming in stating that those who took “Soda” were not affected, while nearly every one around them had the “Flu.”

Baking Soda Treatment For Colds and Flu
Recommended dosages from the Arm and Hammer Company for colds and influenza back in 1922 were:
  • During the first day take six doses of half teaspoonful of Arm & Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water, at about two hour intervals.
  • During the second day take four doses of half teaspoonful of Arm and Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water, at the same intervals.
  • During the third day take two doses of half teaspoonful of Arm and Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water morning and evening, and thereafter half teaspoonful in glass of cool water each morning until cold is cured.
In addition to the above, a hot Soda Bath is very beneficial. Use half pound to one pound of Bicarbonate of Soda in as hot a bath as can be borne. Remain immersed in the water for about fifteen minutes. It is important to go to bed at once after this bath in order to avoid exposure.

A bath taken in this way causes the Alkali to penetrate the system and is a material aid to the human system in throwing off the germs of Grippe (flu).

On another page, an additional health tip:
“In continuous hyperacidity and in fermentative conditions a dose an hour before meals will tend to prepare the stomach for the next meal; or sometimes a dose will be necessary immediately after eating, because of abnormal acid or base having been present at the commencement of the meal. (For the average person one-half hour after meals is recommended).

“A dose at bedtime tends to check the early morning acidity, or a dose on arising cleans the stomach of acid and mucus before breakfast.”

Whenever taking a bicarbonate solution internally the soda should be dissolved in cold water.
Dr. Hays also stated:

“Besides doing good in respiratory affections, bicarbonate of soda is of inestimable value in the treatment of Alimentary Intoxication, Pyelitis (inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney), Hyper-Acidity of Urine, Uric Acid disturbances, Rheumatism and Burns. An occasional three-day course of Bicarbonate of Soda increases the alkalinity of the blood, assists elimination and increases the resisting power of the body to all Infectious Diseases.”

Isn’t this amazing! In 1922, people knew about a simple inexpensive way to avoid colds and flu and yet this information is not widely known now. Try it—use baking soda to be more alkaline and avoid getting colds or the flu – it works.

Alkaline Lifestyle

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Sodium Bicarbonate is inorganic, very alkaline, and like other mineral type substances supports an extensive list of biological functions. It is fundamental to life and health.

Sodium Bicarbonate Can Heal Cancer

Sodium bicarbonate is probably one of the most useful substances in the world; no wonder the pharmaceutical companies don’t want doctors or anyone else to know much about it. It is essential when treating cancer, kidney and other diseases.

We do not have to fear bicarbonate intake. And in fact, people who live in areas of the world with high amounts of bicarbonate in their drinking waters have a striking decreased mortality rate and a decreased prevalence of disease. Sodium bicarbonate, though often used as a medicine, is unlike pharmaceutical compounds. It is a natural non-toxic substance that does not require clinical trials for an assessment of toxicity. Spring waters contain bicarbonate ions which are coupled mainly with sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium ions. 

A deficiency of bicarbonate ions in the body contributes to a range of chronic diseases and medical conditions.
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