Waterjug Raga and Other Mikedelic Musings

Mike's beloved Doors project.
Better Farm's own Mike Brown, a permanent artist-in-residence (also our founder Steve Caldwell's nephew), is a staple here on the grounds. His artistic vision, music, and commitment to this space are  so natural, it's easy to take it for granted that he's busy creating 24 hours a day.

One of Mike's robots, sculpted, painted, bedazzled, and assembled using found objects on the property.

In recent weeks he's become increasingly absorbed by the old bus on the property, where he escapes to create and record music and video work. Late last night, he and fellow artist-in-residence Eric Drasin got together to jam, Eric on waterjug percussion and Mike on guitar...
eric drasin plays waterjug percussion with me on the bus as i riff out some eastern style drone stuff on my guitar. a rare live improv instrumental with genuine cricket sounds.
Click here to take a listen!
Here's an abridged list of some of Mike's other recent recordings:

Hollow Bones

Apocalyptic Apricot

Paisley Paramecium

Buddha Blues

To keep up with Mike and his creations, visit his blog here; or check out the latest music and videos on YouTube. For more information about the betterArts residency and to apply, click here.
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