Ingredients for a Rainwater Catchment System: Part II

By Elizabeth Musoke

We can now check most of the materials off our rainwater catchment ingredient list. The subsequent blog entry details the parts that make up our rainwater catchment system.

The structure in question: The Birdhouse. This structure was chosen because of the solid tin roof, as compared to the plastic sheeting on the greenhouse. The dilemma with this building is the steepness of the roof; steep roofs collect less water. But we are going to make it work somehow!

The gutter (left) and the downspout (right). The gutter will be cut and attached to the roof, and the downspout shall lead directly into the rainwater barrel.

The gutter drop outlet that connects to the downspout.

Brackets to hold up the gutter.

Reclaimed barrels that will be sanitized and used to collect the rainwater.

I have made preliminary mark-ups. The spigot will be placed 3 inches from the bottom of the barrel and fitted tightly into the barrel (X marks the spot).

The downspout has a width of about 2.5 inches. I marked out a square opening that is about 4 inches across to allow for water to flow easily into to the barrel.

Mosquito proofing! This is absolutely essential! An insect screen shall be placed over the openings of the barrel to stop mosquitoes, other insects and debris from entering the barrel.