Agriculture is Somewhat of an Irony

By Soon Kai Poh

In the garden we build trellises and tie strings loosely to the plants so they are able to grow taller and be supported as they do so. This in turn, leads to more opportunities for flowering and eventually pea production; which is what every pea farmer seeks.

Gently guiding the outstretched tendrils of the pea plants into various arrangements so they climb the trellises properly, I realised something: agriculture is Man's way of attempting to take hold and control the course of nature - either by actively transplanting, trimming, grafting, or simply guiding plants onto trellises. Yet at the same time, as farmers who live dependent on the forces of nature (changes in season, weather and temperature) for crop growth, we realise that we're ultimately not in control at all of anything that goes on in this cosy garden of ours. It is both humbling and awe-inspiring to take a step back and marvel at this carefully balanced relationship between Man and nature, which can be somewhat ironic at times; especially when we try so hard to bring things under our control through all manner of technology and agricultural experimentation.

And yes, that is what we do over here at Better Farm every day. Contemplate reality, muse about existence, and:

1. Go swimming in one of the nearby lakes, OR jump off a cliff into them

2. Enjoy the fullness of the Moon

3. Make your own weeding stool because, you know, weeding is better when you weed in comfort

4. Make some home-made bread

5. Enjoy the daily short 5-minute sunset glow

6. Attend a biker rally at Alexandria Bay

7. Mosey around the Art Barn with window scraps (or scrap windows)

8. Hang out on an island on a fine summer's evening - you know, the usual (Thanks David for hosting us!)

9. Set up, support, and of course attend Erica's gallery opening

That should make up for 2 and a half weeks of not blogging. Cheers!