A Room of One's Own

When I moved to Better Farm in 2009, I threw myself headlong into getting things organized in and around the house. Energy-efficient bulbs went in, eco-friendly paint went on, and dumpsters were called to haul out 40 years' worth of forgotten items and clutter. In all this hullabaloo, I let my own space go by the wayside. Except for trading my uncle's water bed for an extremely comfortable Tempurpedic, I left the master bedroom much as it was.
The original master bedroom lacked personality and was in need of a little updating. This photo was taken the day I moved in—note the backpack on the floor with all I carried on my arrival!
The room is nice and big, gets good light, and has a totally amazing California king-sized bed. But there were a few issues. Like, the ceiling:
It was cloaked in some sort of plastery sheetrock situation, and had lots of holes from hooks that held trapezes so Uncle Steve could maneuver in and out of bed. Those holes (and remaining hooks) had to go; as did the garish overhead light.

Of course, some amazing details will stay forever, such as the door:

The room also had a built-in closet, which I'm not totally crazy about but have decided to keep for now:

So, the to-do list began:
  • Remove air conditioner
  • Move standing mirror to bathroom
  • Paint walls
  • New sheets and blankets
  • New overhead light
  • New ceiling
  • Window treatments
  • Streamline the room's decor
  • Add a soft bedside lamp and table
This has been a slowly evolving process, as other rooms in the house were in far worse shape and really needed to take precedence. But, lo and behold, the time has come! First, though, let's talk inspiration. I've taken to ogling different design ideas online, and here are two I particularly love:
Note the tongue and groove, bold colors, and chandelier!

Love the deep turquoise color and distressed wood details, as well as the small area rug.
I went bold on color, picking a deep turquoise for the walls (paint is eco-friendly Olympic brand, found at Lowe's). Window treatments are energy-saver thermal curtains, found at Ollie's in Watertown. I found some nice curtain rods at Lowe's, a bedspread at Ikea, and got tons of amazing tongue-and-groove pine from Garlock's Building Supplies and Design Center in Alexandria Bay.

The dramatic difference was apparent even halfway through:

Final touches included a fresh set of sheets, a deep clean, and streamlining the decor.

Here are some "after" shots:
Headboard wall displays a myriad of art pieces inherited from Uncle Steve, a photograph I took in Klamath, and a painting by a friend.

The sanctuary.

What girl doesn't want a chandelier in the middle of her bedroom? Light is of course equipped with an energy-efficient bulb.

A storage space is gussied up with a brown satin partition and Eastern idol.
An antique wooden shelf system displays crystals, stones, feathers, and other mementos.

Bedside table incorporates yummy scented candles, a found animal pelt, and small storage boxes with some Eastern flair.
Han Solo loves the new homespun area rug.

A corner shelf showcases some items inherited from Uncle Steve.