Memorial Celebration Jump-Starts Three Projects: Part I, 'The Birdhouse'

The weekend of September 11 marked a memorial celebration for Em Doran and Emily Richardson, two women killed in a 2005 car accident who've inspired a burgeoning foundation designed to empower young artists in the disciplines of writing and photography.

The memorial, coined "A Better Celebration," was held at and in conjunction with Better Farm. Festivities included the inception of three projects on the property: the Birdhouse, the Doors, and a blueberry patch.

Part I: The Birdhouse
As part of an ongoing row of alternative structures next to the library, attendees at a Better Celebration and the folks living at Better Farm were interested in constructing a treehouse-type structure alongside the recently completed greenhouse. Corinne found a cool design online of a tree fort called the Stockholm House:
Trouble was, we were concerned about the effects of frost heave on the single support beam; and we wanted the structure bigger (roughly 8 x 10) in order for it to be a truly livable space. So, we tweaked the design a bit to allow for four stilts rising up out of the ground. At the party, led by our guru-about-town Craig, guests cleared brush and dug holes for the 4 x 4's:

Once the holes were in place, we stuck four 4x4s into them to create a lofted feel for our human-size birdhouse.

Next up was the base and flooring...

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the finished product!

Many thanks to Redwood Lumber for supplying us with materials on such short notice! Special acknowledgments to Craig for leading the group, and Jody and Theresa for lending such big hands to the job. See more photos from A Better Celebration here.