Happy Trails to Tiyi

With July at an end, we had to wish a fond farewell to our interns Joe Pintaudi and Tiyi Brewster. Joe posted regularly on the Better Farm blog, but Tiyi (pronounced "Thai") preferred to work behind the scenes.

We did manage to pin her down for an exit interview of sorts, to get her thoughts on her time at the Farm...

Better Farm: What made you want to apply for the Better Farm internship program?
Tiyi: I saw the internship posted on Clarkson University's site; and when I checked out Better Farm's page, I was impressed by the design and blog... The slogan, the history, pretty much the whole Web site! On the blog, everyone seemed so open and loving life. It all sounded great!

How did you like all the work (and we do mean WORK) that was given to you?
I was excited by all the responsibility given to me. I wanted to learn more about farming and farm management, and I definitely did that. I really feel like the whole thing was an opportunity for growth. I've grown up socially for sure. There was no choice but to interact with so many different people and that was really good for me. At some point I had a shift in perspective, and now I feel like an official adult. It's amazing what a month can do!

You're about to enter your sophomore year at Clarkson University with a future degree in environmental science and policy. How will you take what you've learned at Better Farm and apply it to your schooling?
I belong to ECO (Clarkson's Environmental Conservation Organization), and we've already been planning a composting project using an aerobic digestor... I'm hoping that we can also start an experimental garden at the school. I would love to be a part of that. Now that I've really worked at an actual farm, I feel that I'll better understand how the processes work. I plan on applying this knowledge to the reading I have for class as well.

After graduation, what are your plans?
I'm not entirely sure where my path will lead, but I am interested in becoming a forest or park ranger. I do know that I'll be getting my driver's license in the near future so I can come back and visit Better Farm, or even live here!

Well, Tiyi, the amazing work you put in here, and not to mention your constantly sunny personality, means you will always have a place at Better Farm!