DIY Greenhouse

Inspired by a Mother Earth News article from last year, we decided in the spring to construct a greenhouse utilizing rough-cut local lumber, and recycled windows donated by people around town.

We further decided to go with a basic 10 x 10 size, A-frame roof, and a ceiling made of greenhouse plastic (donated to us by Krings 1000 Island Produce and Nurseries). All the wood we bought for the project came from Redwood lumber, and supplemented by the supply of an Amish family down the road in Pamelia, N.Y.

Next step was getting the crew together; a feat made far less impossible by the fact that people in the North Country are among the most helpful you'll meet. On the day of construction, no fewer than 12 people showed up on-site to lend a hand.

We laid 4 x 4's along the ground to form a square, leaving the center floor open so the greenhouse would have a grass carpet. We put the walls together with rough-cut 2 x 4's, leaving appropriate space for the windows (many thanks to Craig for being the mathematical wizard behind all of that). Next step was framing the walls out, and standing back as Craig and Jody figured out the roof.
Then, we found some old house stain in the basement of Better Farm. Presumably bought for the main house, it doesn't match and was most likely stowed away for use on something else. The day had arrived! We applied the stain to the exterior of the greenhouse, let it dry, and stood back to admire our work. A few days later, a team of us stretched the greenhouse plastic over the roof and tacked 1 x 2's down over it to keep it in place.
We used power drills to pop the windows into the structure; leaving four hinged so they could open for ventilation. Adhering those with 1 x 1's to the building, we then painted the trim to match the main house and screened in the hinged windows and roof.

From there, it was just a matter of constructing the ladder to reach our sleeper loft, putting in hooks and shelves for our tools and seedlings, and putting the door on the main entrance.

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Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing the plans to build this greenhouse.