Workshop Reflections: Yoga

I signed up for the yoga workshop at Better Farm having absolutely no prior experience with yoga. Not knowing what to expect, I looked forward to a weekend of relaxation, reflection and revitalization. And that’s exactly what I got!

The loft of the barn provided an ideal serene space for our yoga exercises and meditation. Some of the exercises were rigorous and challenging, but the instructor Danielle patiently led us through, encouraging us to push our limits to develop strength. Her soothing voice also led us through a deep meditation mid-day Saturday. The combination of energizing the body and relaxing the mind led to a state of deeper peace. As the day came to a close, we discussed the new moon, and created new intentions to carry us forward. This felt as rejuvenating as the yoga and meditation.

Not a morning person, I’ll admit that I dreaded the sun salutation at 5:30 the following morning; but I’m very glad I managed to drag myself out of bed for it. We began again in the loft of the barn, with the Five Tibetans, a great, quick yoga routine which I plan to continue. The walking meditation around the perimeter of the farm provided the perfect tranquility to carry throughout the day. With each breath in, the foot lifted, and with each breath out, the foot fell, as we slowly, silently made our way around the farm. Barefoot, we could feel each cool, wet blade of grass, while drinking in the rising world around us. Simply beautiful.

This yoga workshop was the perfect way to start my time at the farm, clearing my mind and helping me to focus, with peace and strength, on the path before me.