Better Farm, Inc. is a sustainability education center, artists colony, animal sanctuary and organic farm set on 65 acres in Redwood, N.Y. Its mission is to adhere all disciplines to the Better Theory, a belief that every experience offers an opportunity for immense personal growth. With this in mind, Better Farm is dedicated to enhancing the local and regional community by offering each individual the opportunity to expand, grow, and flourish sustainably, artfully, and in tandem with the living world around him or her. At Better Farm, we explore the magical space where sustainability and art intersect.

Better Farm offers the public access to a 100-percent solar powered "living lab" that includes organic gardens, cabins, alternative building structures and projects, rehabilitated animals saved from lives of neglect and abuse, a 2,200-square-foot studio and gallery space, and a blueprint for environmentally conscious living. We welcome visitors through educational programming, events, artist residencies, work-shares, and a variety of lodging options to offer an unparalleled educational experience set against a backdrop of communal living and an environmentally conscious, artistic way of being. 

Better Farm provides community support through volunteer projects, certification programs, garden consultations, art installations, workshops, farm-to-table events, and much more. The campus is a premier destination for artists and students alike who are interested in doing “better”: growing from each experience, serving their communities, showing respect to all living things, and creating something through art or energy that benefits the world around them. 

Check out our co-founder Nicole Caldwell a short film by Possible Media!

The Better Theory maintains that every experience—bad, good, or otherwise—presents each of us with an opportunity for exponential personal growth. Crisis teaches you cool; pain teaches you pleasure; love teaches you loss. Every large and small and good and bad thing that comes at you has the potential to propel you forward into something better. All you’ve got to do is climb aboard, hang on tight, and push yourself forward into the abyss. It’s a tricky theory to keep up with—try having “better” be the first thing out of your mouth next time you stub your toe or hear terrible news. But the truth is, Better works. With that in mind, we strive to apply the Better Theory to all our endeavors at Better Farm and take notice of the little things in life that create big opportunities.