GARDEN CONSULTATIONS include any or all of the following:

  • a site assessment and soil pH testing.
  • a lifestyle assessment (we need to learn a bit about you to know what plants will be realistic and inspiring for you, as well as for us to understand your gardening goals)

  • plant care tips, and suggestions for changes or additions.

  • discussion of the views from inside and outside the house

  • discussion about how you use your outdoor space and how involved you want to be in maintaining it

  • review of current landscape: plants grown, maintenance/weeding methods

  • compost talk and planning


You will receive written recommendations and, if feasible, a preliminary plan, map and plant list. After our consultation, you will be able to make better choices when planning and working in your landscape. Options you may request:

  • sitting down together and mapping out exactly where certain plants should go (we will literally draw a map together utilizing companion planting and permaculture techniques)—or we can map it for you

  • advice on how to keep your soils healthy

  • information on composting and mulch-gardening methods

  • list of recommended plants with planting dates for each one and help in locating sources for seeds/seedlings

  • lists of natural pest deterrents and fertilizers you can use

  • advice for weeding strategies

  • advice on how to plant seeds and seedlings if needed

  • troubleshooting tips

  • installation of garden

  • regular check-ups to troubleshoot and maintain your new garden space


This process will take about 4 hours: 1.5 hours with you and some follow-up planning, mapping and research from us. However it may take more if you have a large garden or less if you only want to farm one windowsill. We charge $35 per hour, and you can send us photos of your space beforehand for a fixed quote. Additional travel fees may apply depending on your location.